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10 Body Language Tips for Success

10 Body Language Tips for Success You can talk a good game, but if you don’t back it up with body language that says, â€Å"I’m confident and know what I’m talking about,† there’s a good chance you won’t get the professional consideration you deserve. Think of body language as an extension of your work dress code. These 10 tips will help you perfect that extra layer of confidence in interviews, meetings, or conversations with colleagues.1. Don’t slouch.Slumping is one of the biggest underminers of strong body language. It suggests you’re disinterested or unsure of yourself. So make sure you sit up straight, and keep those shoulders up and slightly back (not hunched around your ears).2. Shake hands like a pro.The best handshake is strong, but doesn’t crush. If you grip too tightly, it can be interpreted as a sign of aggression. If you barely grip at all, it suggests you’re timid or afraid of confrontation. Extend your right hand to the shake-ee with your palm flat and perpendicular to the ground (with your thumb straight up if you need a guide to help you remember the stance). Do 2-3 hearty pumps, be sure to make eye contact while you’re greeting the person, and then withdraw your hand. Don’t linger too long, or it can get a little awkward.3. Unclench the fists.If you find yourself clenching your fists while talking to someone, loosen up. Clenched fists suggest anger or being closed off to the conversation, even if you’re not doing it on purpose. Try to keep your hands loose. If you need something to occupy them, try taking notes, holding them casually in your lap, or keeping your arms relaxed at your sides. If you’re looking to join a brawl, be sure to put those dukes up. In a normal conversation, not so much.4. Loosen those limbs.Crossed arms are a great way to say â€Å"I don’t want to be here† or â€Å"I don’t want to hear what you’re saying.† They close you of f from the person who’s talking. Instead of crossing your arms, try to hold them loosely at your sides, elbows slightly bent, or hold them gently in your lap.5. The eyes have it.The right level of eye contact can be a toughie, especially if you’re someone who has trouble with it due to shyness or whatever reason. Practice is really the key here. Spend time talking casually with a friend or family member and ask them questions about your level of eye contact. That way, you can find out what you may be doing unconsciously, and find a style that’s comfortable for you.Blinking too much can indicate nervousness, while blinking too little can seem like an aggressive challenge to a staring contest. Try to find a middle ground- and while talking with others, be conscious of your blink rate and how the other person is responding.6. Keep your emotions in check.No matter how annoying or wrong your coworker’s statement may be, don’t roll your eyes or let a sco wl show on your face. Try to stay neutral while you’re talking to the person. Vent later if you need to, but your facial expressions can show disrespect and sandbag your relationship with the person. It’s especially important to keep a neutral expression if you’re talking to a higher-up at work or an interviewer.7. Don’t fidget.Personally, I find this one the hardest- my hands just want to be doing something all the time, whether I’m hanging out and having a casual conversation or talking in a meeting. Moving your hands a lot or playing with your hair/watch/etc. can be distracting to the listener, and undermine what you’re trying to say. If you need to be doing something, try taking notes. If it helps to keep your hands still, fold them in your lap or on the table in front of you.8. Don’t be a bobblehead.Nodding too vigorously makes you look too anxious to agree or like you’re agreeing to something without really listening.9. F ace the music.Try to face the person you’re talking to head-on. Turning away makes the person think you’re disinterested or trying to hide something. Facing the person with good listening posture shows you’re engaged in the conversation.10. Don’t be a clockwatcher.If your eyes keep drifting over to the clock, the person you’re talking to is likely to notice and feel either insulted or rushed- neither which makes for a productive discussion.No matter what you’re saying, your body language can betray (or bolster) your words. If you ooze confidence, calm, and competence, your words will carry so much more weight.

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Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Essay Example

Non Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Essay Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Essay Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma is a type of cancer that begins within immune system cells called lymphocytes. Similar to other cancers, lymphoma occurs when lymphocytes are uncontrollably growing and multiplying. These lymphocytes are white blood cells that move throughout the body with the help of a fluid called lymph. There they are transported by a network of different vessels that make up the lymphatic system, which is a part of the immune system. The main Job of the lymphatic system is to fght off infections or anything else that threatens the body. The lymphatic system consists of different lymph nodes located hroughout the body to help monitor the lymph that flows through them. These lymph nodes can be very helpful in predicting signs of possible cancer. The nodes will begin to tenderize and swell when a large amount of microbial organisms collect insides of them, indicating infection. There are two main types of lymphocytes, B- cells, and T-cells. Both are designed to recognize and destroy infections, however, B- cells travel through the body with the infection, while T-cells kill the infection directly. When these cells begin to multiply too quickly, they begin to build up in the lymph odes, forming a giant mass of cells called a tumor. Once this tumor forms, it begins to grow, invading the space of nearby organs and tissues, cutting off their oxygen supply. If these abnormal lymphocytes travel between lymph nodes, or to other organs, the cancer can spread and metastasize to other regions of the body, making it much more difficult to control and get rid of. Non-Hodgkins is classified and derived from either abnormal B or T-cells and has thirty different subtypes (Clarke 139). In the United States each year, about fifty-four thousand people are diagnosed ith Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, making it the most common type of blood cancer in the U. S (Clarke 138). The symptoms of this disease may be difficult to discover, since often times they may appear suddenly and be painless. These symptoms can include swollen lymph nodes in the neck, armpit, or groin. This swelling may be painless and go unnoticed. There may also be discomfort or a fullness in the abdomen, feeling very tired or weak, shortness of breath, as well as fever and weight loss. It is important to get these symptoms checked out and monitored by a doctor to result in etter treatment if needed. There are certain risk factors that may increase the risk of Non-Hodgkins lymphoma, such as immune system deficiencies, chemicals, and older age. Certain medications that suppress immune system efficiency, as well as organ transplants, greatly increase the risk of new disease due to immunosuppressive therapy reducing the bodys ability to fght off new diseases (Clarke 142). There are also viruses and bacteria that have been linked to the increased risk of Non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Viruses that have been linked include HIV and Epstein-Barr virus, more commonly nown as herpes. Helicobacter Pylori, an ulcer-causing bacteria found in the stomach that has also been known to increase the risk of getting lymphoma. Although, more research needs to be conducted to connect pesticides with the risk of Non-Hodgkins, certaln Insect ana weed factor that is to be considered, although people at any age can get cancer, Non- Hodgkins is most common in people sixty or older. To diagnose lymphoma, a full physical must be conducted, as well as looking into family history. A oncologist will then be called in to review the findings and decide where to go next. When screening to find how far cancer has spread, several techniques can be used. These include x-rays, computerized tomography scans, magnetic resonance imaging, as well as lymphangiograms. Bone marrow examinations are also common to test if infected with abnormal B or T-cells. The best way to test for cancer is by conducting a biopsy and testing a small sample of the tumor to determine whether cancer exists or not. Conducting a biopsy or fluid examination is the best way to get an in-depth look at possible cancer cells. Immunohistochemistry is a popular test used by pathologists y treating the sample with antibodies that attach only to specific molecules on the cell. Color changes among the antibodies can occur and be seen under a microscope allowing pathologists to detect different diseases present. Flow cytometry is a very similar process to immunohistochemistry, but allows a much more in-depth look at the cells by passing them through a laser. This laser techniques provides the ability to separate and count groups of cells. Flow cytometry can also detect whether the lymph nodes are swollen due to lymphoma, or some other type of cancer, or a non- cancerous disease. This allows doctors to better determine the type of lymphoma to be dealt with as well as the best way to treat it. Another way to determine the type of lymphoma is through cytogenetics. This technique inhibits doctors to take a look at the chromosomes in the lymphoma cells to look for translocations, which is common in some types of lymphoma. Other ways to identify the type of lymphoma is if the cells have too many, too few, or other chromosomal abnormalities. Once diagnosed, there are four stages in distinguishing the extent of the disease, starting with the least serious being stage one. Stage one, or early in the diagnosis of ymphoma is when the disease is contained to single lymph node region or in a single organ. Stage two is classified when two or more lymph node regions are infected on the same side of the diaphragm, or when a lymph node and an organ are infected. Stage three is advanced lymphoma when two or more lymph nodes, or a lymph node and an organ infected on different sides of the body. Stage four, or the widespread level of lymphoma is when the cancer has spread to the spleen, bone marrow, bone, or central nervous system. There are different treatments based on the type, and stage of the cancer, as well s other factors such as age, and health status. The most common and effective treatment for Non-Hodgkins lymphoma is chemotherapy, radiation, and biological therapy. Chemotherapy uses chemicals that interfere with the cellular division process, triggering a suicide effect amongst the cancer cells. These chemicals attack all of the cells, including the healthy ones, although normal cells are able to recover from the chemical-induced damage, whereas the cancer cells cannot. Chemotherapy is usually used when the cancer has metastasized, since the medicines travels hroughout the entire body, rather than focusing on one place. This treatment is done in cycles, so the body has a resting period in between to heal before the next cycle . I nere are some sloe erects tnat come along wltn It still, tnese Include tnlngs such as hair loss, fatigue, nausea and vomiting. Although not as effective, there are also medications that can be used to boost the immune systems reaction to these infected a-cells. Rituximab is a biological medication that is a type of monoclonal antibody that attaches to B cells in order to make them more visible to the immune system to attack. This medication lowers the number of B cells, including the non- infected, healthy ones, however, the body will produce more cells, to replace these. Once the cancerous cells are dead, they are much less likely to reoccur. Radiation treatment works to destroy cancer cells by focusing high-energy rays onto the cells. This damages the molecular structure of the cells and causes them to commit suicide. These high-energy rays are usually emitted from metals, such as radium or strong x-rays that are created by a machine. Radiation can either be used on its own or in correlation with other cancer treatments. Side effects may include skin changes often resembling a sunburn or tan, vomiting, fatigue, nausea, and loss of appetite. The most effective treatment to increase a lymphoma patients chance for survival is the combination of the chemical R848 with radiation therapy. With the growing knowledge of genetics, doctors are able to better diagnose Non- hodgkin lymphoma through the methods mentioned previously, allowing a much better prognosis for those infected. There are also new treatments being looked into to help better treat and prevent this cancer from taking peoples lives. Vaccines are ow being introduced as a way to help treat certain cases of lymphoma. It has been known for quite some time that peoples immune systems may help play a major role in fghting cancer, in some cases, some have been cured after their immune system rejects the cancer. With this knowledge, doctors are trying to encourage this immune reaction with a vaccine. This vaccine is used to treat, rather than prevent the disease, and is only available in clinical trials as of now. The goal of this is to create an immune reaction in patients dealing with lymphoma in either the early stages, or clients whose disease is in remission. Along with having very little side effects, when used in clinical trials treating late-stage patients whom chemotherapy was successful, the vaccine increased the time the lymphoma came back by at least a year. Increasing ones knowledge of signs and symptoms correlated with Non-Hodgkins can create a better prognosis of successfully killing the disease. The research of new vaccines that can help the immune system naturally kill the cells on its own can greatly decrease the need for other treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation, along with the horrible side effects that come along with them.

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Consciosness in Human Behavior - Ryle and Nagel Assignment

Consciosness in Human Behavior - Ryle and Nagel - Assignment Example The ‘thing’ that was there on earth was thus, not a real one, since it was a mere shadow that could not match up to the real idea of the thing. The soul, Plato believed, was immortal and heavenly, unlike the body, which would be discarded during death. The mind and the body, thus was split into two entities within the same human being. The mind, Plato felt, would return to its earlier form as soon as it left the corporeal frame, since the knowledge of its essence was present in itself and the soul had to only recollect this knowledge that was independent of the body (Platonic). The mind is thus given a superior position that would enable the person to aspire to attain a greater moral stature that would correspond with the nature of the soul. There are certain differences to the theory of dualism that Rene Descartes brings in. In Descartes’ theory of dualism, there is, like in Plato, a distinction between the mind and the body. Like Plato, he also identifies the mi nd with the soul. The essence of the human soul, Descartes held, was its ability to think and reason. The soul thus undergoes certain changes as a result of thought, unlike in the case of the theory of Plato where the soul would return to its former state following death. ... Works Cited â€Å"Cartesian Dualism†. all about philosophy. Accessed on 30th December, 2011 â€Å"Platonic dualism†. Philosophy Online. Accessed on 29th December, 2011 Consciousness in Human Behavior- Ryle and Nagel Thomas Nagel’s understanding of the concept of consciousness is a complex one that involves an understanding of the mind-body split that challenges Cartesian models. By invoking the model of the bat, Nagel states that the mind of a person can never be understood by another entirely since the experience of that person would be entirely different and such an understanding would require a substitution of one’s consciousness with that of the other person. This too, would fail to achieve the purpose, since the examined consciousness would have changed. The fluidity of the consciousness is what forms the basis of this theory that sheds light also on the mind-body split and critiques the reductionist views regarding it. The analogy of the bat is meant to make the impossibility of understanding the consciousness of another person. Gilbert Ryle gives an alternate understanding of the human consciousness. He reawakened the question of the relationship between the mind and the body by rejecting the theory of dualism. He believed that the mental and the physical could not be categorized as two separate categories and such a separation was according to him, a â€Å"category mistake† on the part of Descartes (LaFave). He believed that the intention that a person had could be formulated in different terms through turning the aspects of a person’s behavior and his or

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Nintendo Wii Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Nintendo Wii - Research Paper Example For sometime now, Nintendo has been a strong market force, having bigger companies like Sony and Microsoft as closest competitor. This performance is however not global as in parts of the world such as Japan, were â€Å"sales were falling below those of Sony's PlayStation 3 during March 2009† (Harding, 2009) SWOT ANALYSIS Strength Rank (2008) observes that Nintendo has four major strengths which have to do with â€Å"a strong brand name, high returns, high employee efficiency, and debt free status.† This means that the company the potential of building a very formidable market base in many parts of the world since it is globally known and free from financial constraints. Weakness Nintendo’s greatest weakness has to do with its inability to meet demand of its products, especially the Wii. Rank (2008) laments that â€Å"the new Nintendo Wii console is under such high demand that the manufacturers are not able to supply the key components.† Opportunities Nint endo can take opportunity from two major areas, which are â€Å"Growing US games software market and increasing demand for online gaming† (You Sigma, 2009). The company is therefore challenged to take up the opportunity to grow its stake in the video game industry. Threat The company is threatened with the general slowdown of the Japanese, American and European markets (You Sigma, 2009) as a result of the global economic crisis. Analysis via Porter’s Five Forces Model Threat of new entrants The technology industry is a fast growing one with new entrance seen every now and then. Because of the seemingly lucrative nature of the industry, Nintendo risks stiffer opposition from new entrants who may not be new to technology but to the video game industry. In such a situation, such entrants are likely to cause a commercial stir with their existing name. Bargaining Power of Buyers Global economic hardships result in increased bargaining power by buyers (Konadu, 2004). Because the world is yet to recover fully from the global economic crisis, Nintendo risks buyer opting for lesser fee of products and services. Bargaining Power of Suppliers Nintendo’s suppliers raised their bargaining power due to offset of stricter opposition and competition in the video game market. Nintendo had to face competition from Microsoft and Sony and so had no other option than to give in to the bargain of suppliers. Substitute Products/Services Currently, Nintendo have shown lesser power to substitute its products as services. This is because for a very long time, the company’s focus has remained video game. Intense Rivalry Microsoft as one of the rivals of Ninendo will continue to offer intense rivalry because Microsoft is faced with stiff competition in other areas of its production such as software and computer production. For this reason, Microsoft is likely to pay more attention to the video game section of its company. Strategy used Nintendo’s strate gy can be seen in two major areas. First, taking advatange of technology where by the company’s â€Å"innovative approach to videogame technology is evinced through the Wii’s controller system† (Roccols, 2008). Such use of technology was perhaps neglected by competitiors. Secondly and closely linked to the first, the Nintendo Wii is able to target a larger user base as it targets consumers of all ages. With this strategy, â€Å"The Wii has allowed Nintendo to not only compete with Sony and Microsoft, but to experience the incredible success it remembers

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Starbucks Strategies for Profitability

Starbucks Strategies for Profitability 1. Introduction Major objective of this study is to shed light on the strategies and efforts made by Starbuck to solve its problems related to profitability. In order to do a careful analysis of internal initiatives is undertaken to have an idea about the success of these initiatives to return to a stable pace of profitability growth by Starbucks. To have growth in profitability Starbucks needs to generate competitive advantage among the rival firms. Starbucks will have to take into account overall trends of industry, so that long run profitability growth can be assured. Both the internal and external factors faced with the firm are analyzed separately in order to have a reliable future position. 1.1. Positive Aspects related with Starbucks and Recommended Strategy Starbucks provides healthy working environment to its employees and have detailed and employee friendly stock option plans. Moreover, the major strengths of Starbucks lie in the attractive shop design and comfortable shop environment. Starbucks aims to become a top coffee outlet not only at regional level but also at international level. So the strategy of globalization will help Starbucks to increase its profitability. In order to successfully implement this strategy performance targets for managers will have to be set so that they are provided with the incentive to improve their performance. 1.2. Objectives of Starbucks Clean supply of coffee. Create readily happy clients all the period. Provide an incredible work place and handle pride and one another with respect. Accept diversity being an important element in the manner we do company. Make use of the greatest requirements of quality towards the buying. Lead positively to the towns and our environment, and notice that success is important to our potential success. 2. Issues faced by the Firm 2.1. Internal Issues Limited Product Range: Starbucks offers a product range comprised of single source and approximately thirty products , Coffee machines, advanced candy, coffee cups, coffee accessories card, a stored value card, coffees, containers frap-puccino caffeine products, coffees, coffee liqueurs, type of ice creams, audio, publications, movies, house Starbucks and gifts. Limited Advantages provided to Employees: Many conflicts among workers have been observed since in various outlets of Starbucks all over the world and the main reason was low-pay and extended work hours. As the burden of work remains high the employees feel overworked and hence they find it difficult to continue working at Starbucks. 2.2. Insufficient Growth of Alternatives Available When the business was started there were just 17 coffee shops but now the outlets are running in 39 nations all over the world having almost 12,240 outlets. The worldwide rate of growth associated with coffee shops is too high as compared to that of Starbucks. This fact leads to create a severe anxiety for Starbucks and limits the growth opportunities available to the firm. 2.3. Customer Relationships The clients of Starbuck are not that much diversified and belong to almost similar group. On the other hand it not the case with other international coffee brands. Another consideration is attached with the Starbucks connection with their clients. Starbucks is regarded as very awesome coffee brand when consumer considerations are concerned. In the region of Beijing where Starbucks recently closed an outlet due to ethnic differences among manufacturers can also be regarded as a threat to the future growth of a business. Some revolutionary anti-capitalism activists left the Starbucks becoming former clients, but additionally Starbucks and especially small people even not approved within the company’s feel uneasy or shops. Because of Starbucks rapid development, the manufacturer so dropped its unique hospitality for customers and continues to be commoditized. Major Issue Faced by Firm On the basis of above discussion it is found that major issue for Starbucks is limited growth opportunities which may be result of weak customer relationships. 3. Analysis of Financial Ratios Liquidity ratios: Tells us about the ability of a firm to pay its short term debt obligations. The most commonly used liquidity ratios are current ratio, quick ratio and cash flow ratio. Current ratio (Cr) = Current Assets/Current Liabilities Current ratio shows that how much of current assets a firm has in order to be able to pay its short term debt. For the year 2009 Cr =403.60 / 309.30 = 1.30 For the year 2010 Cr =476.10 / 318.50 = 1.49 Conclusion: The current ratio is 1.30 in the year 2009 which shows that the firm had current assets of $ 1.30 in order to pay liability of $1. In the year 2010 the firm had $ 1.49 to pay the liability of $1. The improvement in current ratio is indicating that the position of firm in the form of current assets to finance its debt has been improved. Quick ratio ( Qr)= (Current assets-Inventory-Prepaid) / current Liabilities Quick ratio shows that how much of convertible assets a firm has in order to be able to pay its short term debt. For the year 2009 Qr =403.60- 119.20-44.30 / 309.30 = 240.3 / 309.30 = 0.77 For the year 2010 Qr = 476.10 115 – 47.30 /318.50 = 313.8 / 318.50 = 0.98 Conclusion: The current ratio was 0.77 in the year 2009 which shows that the firm had convertible assets of $ 0.77 in order to pay liability of $1. In the year 2010 the firm had $ 0.98 to pay the liability of $1. The improvement in quick ratio is indicating that the position of firm in the form of convertible assets to finance its debt has been improved. Cash ratio (Chr) = Cash/ Current Liabilities Cash ratio shows that how much of cash a firm has in order to be able to pay its short term debt. For the year 2009 Chr = 54.50 / 309.30 = 0.17 For the year 2010 Chr = 76.70 / 318.50 = 0.24 Conclusion: The cash ratio was 0.17 in the year 2009 which shows that the firm had cash of $ 0.24 in order to pay liability of $1. In the year 2010 the firm had $ 0.24 to pay the liability of $1. The improvement in cash ratio is indicating that the firm has more cash to pay back its debt has been improved in 2010 as compared to 2009 which is a good sign for Starbucks. Leverage Ratios: These ratios tell us about financial structure of company. The sources of fiancà © of a business are shown by leverage ratios. It shows the components of debt financing, equity financing and self financing of a firm. Debt to equity ratio = Total Debt / Total equity. It shows the components of debt and equity in firm’s capital structure. For the year 2009 (DEr) = 1827.80/ -1033.60 = -1.76 For the year 2010 (DEr) = 1783.10/ -696.40 = -2.56 Conclusion: negative value of equity is showing that the value of an asset used to secure a loan is less than the outstanding balance on the loan. The value of assets is far below the outstanding balance on the loan used to purchase those assets which is sign of possible financial distress of the firm. Debt to equity ratio is greater than 1 showing that the component of debt is much higher than that of equity in firm’s capital structure. The debt component has been decreased in 2010 as compared to 2009. Debt to asset ratio (DAr)= Total asset / Total assets. It shows how much of firm’s assets are financed through debt i.e. components of debt and equity in firm’s capital structure. For the year 2009 ( DAr) = 1827.80/ 794.20 = 2.30 For the year 2010 (DAr) = 1783.10/ 1086.70 = 1.64 Conclusion: The ratio of 2.30 in 2009 is showing that component of debt in total assets is almost two and a half times that of equity. However this ratio is decreased in 2010 which is showing that equity level of debt has been decreased in firm’s capital structure as compared to 2009 which is a good sign for this firm as there is a risk of financial distress and bankruptcy associated with high levels of debt burden. 4. Diagnosis of Firm Performance Profitability Ratios: Profitability ratios reflect the performance of a company it shows that whether firm performance is improving or deteriorating. Return on Assets = (Net profit / total assets) * 100. This ratio shows that how much profit is being generated by firm’s assets or what is the contribution of firm’s total assets in its profitability. For the year 2009 ROA = (48.80 / 794.20) * 100 =6.14 % For the year 2010 ROA = (327.30 / 1086.70) * 100 = 30.1 % Conclusion: ROA of 6.14% in the year 2009 is showing that every $ 100 invested generates $ 6.14 as profit. ROA has been improved in the year 2010 as now each $ 100 invested will generate 30.1 as profit. So the profitability is improved in the year 2010 which is a good sign. Net Profit Margin = Net Profit / Sales It reflects the amount of each sales dollar left over after all expenses have been made. This ratio helps a company determine how much actual profit is made from each sale earned. The higher the net profit margin, the better the company is doing at turning sales into profit. For the year 2009 NPM = (48.80 / 1295.90) * 100 = 3.7 % For the year 2010 NPM = (327.30 /1321.40) * 100 = 24.76 % Conclusion: Net profit margin has been greatly increased in the year 2010 as compared to that of 2009 which is a strong positive signal. The improvement may be because of strong sales or decreased costs and overhead. On the basis of above calculated ratios it can be concluded that overall financial position of the firm has been improved in 2010 as compared to 2009. However there is high risk of financial distress due to heavy debt burden. 5. Solutions for Issues faced by Starbucks Changing associated with an exterior atmosphere of the organization led to cause various problems related to the business and contributed to to the closing of the shops of the organization within the USA. These problems are mainly related to the businesses connection, the critique firm’s fair-trade guidelines and the additional governmental problems affecting the business. To cope up with these problems the organization requires a detailed strategy to resolve these issues. Major solutions for problems faced by Starbucks are as follows: Steps to face numerous current competitors, or to minimize the risk of fresh competitors entering the marketplace Revolutionize the political and financial atmosphere. Adjustments in consumer preferences or styles Selection of Best Alternative available Among the above mentioned solutions the most feasible one is to make adjustments in the products offered by the firm, to best suit the tastes of consumers. For this purpose Starbucks will have to keep in view the products sold by other firms of same industry because these products are substitutes of those offered by Starbucks. The firm will have to introduce more differentiated products because differentiated and unique products always remain successful to attract more and more customers. 6. Conclusion Keeping in view the above discussion it can be concluded that Starbucks severely needs to boost the worldwide reputation of the company in order to achieve its growth targets. Pursuing a careful strategy related to the enhancement of growth opportunities, Starbucks may become able to return to a profitable growth path as they have available opportunities for continued growth of their business. Coffee business is growing all over the world including US industry, a market is growing more saturated and hence the competition is rising at international levels. References CEO, S. (2004). HOW STARBUCKS WORKS WITH NGOS.California Management Review,47(1), 92. Thompson, C. J., Arsel, Z. (2004). The Starbucks brandscape and consumers’(anticorporate) experiences of glocalization.Journal of Consumer Research,31(3), 631-642. Gallaugher, J., Ransbotham, S. (2010). Social media and customer dialog management at Starbucks.MIS Quarterly Executive,9(4), 197-212. Grundy, T. (2006). Rethinking and reinventing Michael Porters five forces model.Strategic Change,15(5), 213-229.

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Langston Hughes Poems Analysis Essay

Langston Hughes purpose of these sets of poems was to outline the current condition for African Americans at that time, and also to display his desires and present the ideal conditions for African Americans. Below are several of his poems that has symbology and reflects and demonstrates his desires and ideals. In my opinion, Dream Variations demonstrates Hughes desire for African Americans to be able to enjoy the pleasures of life as white people did. When he says â€Å"to whirl and to dance till the white day is done† he is speaking of being able to be free, dancing and â€Å"flinging your arms† is demonstrative of freedom and an open expression of freedom. Then be able to rest at night and have a sense of peace of mind, knowing that African Americans have the same opportunities that White Americans experienced. In Hughes’s poem Prayer Meeting, he displays a sense of hope and longing for improvement in African Americans lives and wanted African Americans to be free from oppression. â€Å"Glory! Hallelujah! The dawn’s a-comin† demonstrates that freedom from oppression is on the horizon and that African Americans should rejoice. The setting of this poem in religion also demonstrates a sense of hope since religion is often sought after to achieve a sense of hope. In Song of the Revolution, this poem uses the symbology of the American Revolution as another call for freedom from oppression, however this is freedom from the oppression of White America. â€Å"Marching like fire over the world, weaving from the earth its bright red banner† uses fire as a symbol for hope and courage and the use of a red banner as conviction and steadfastness. In the third stanza, which states â€Å"Breaking the bond of the darker races, breaking the chains that have held for years, breaking the barriers dividing the people, smashing the gods of terror and tears† This stanza serves as a call to arms for African Americans. This stanza is less symbolic and cryptic than the others. â€Å"smashing the gods of terror and tears† is the freedom from rulers and the establishment which has wronged and oppressed them. He wants a unity of the races and a freedom and lack of oppression. In Let America Be America Again, hughes is using America’s calling as a beacon of hope to the world to demonstrates his ideal for America to truly be free and not simply as a saying. This is evident in the first stanza, which states â€Å"Let America be America again, Let it be the dream in used to be, let it be the pioneer on the plain, seeking a home where he himself is free. † The parenthesis between the stanzas is what is important, because it displays Hughes’s real opinion of America at that time, which was he doesn’t believe in America, and to him was never a beacon of hope or a land of liberty. He believes that America is tyrannical, oppressive, and discriminatory to him and his people. In the last stanza he also uses divisions of class and other races that are oppressed as reinforcement for his opinions of America. In the third stanza which states, â€Å"O, let my land be a land where Liberty is crowned with no false patriotic wreath, but opportunity is real, and life is free, Equality is in the air we breath. † It’s demonstrating Hughes’s desire for America to really be as it’s envisioned and not simply as it is portrayed (in the eyes of Hughes); equality should be as prevalent and available as air.

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City and Farm Life Essay

Comparing and contrasting city and farm life has been a common theme of situation comedies, movies as well as novels for decades. Many people find themselves, at some point, questioning the advantages of living on a farm life to living in the city. While a case can be made for both locations as to which is the best place to live, it is vital to consider how the options, farm life versus city life, are similar as well as different. There are a number of ways to make such comparisons that include firsthand experience of each type of the city and farm living environments. One such contrast is that people living farm lives and those living city lives have different social constructs as far as health and physical activities are concerned. This is as a result of the various social circumstances of the communities in addition to the locations in which they reside. People living farm lives, live a typical farming or country life as compared to those living in the cities (Smith 1). Living a c ity life often has the advantage of sufficient access to health services, recreational facilities in addition to having relatively sufficient health education in comparison to farm life. see more:city life vs country life essay People living in the city have therefore an advantage of health benefits, developed knowledge of physical activities, are exposed to health promotion campaigns in addition to having higher socio-economic status. All these factors have contributed to people living a city lives experiencing superior health compared to those living farm lives (Recomparison 1). Another key issue to be considered in any comparison between city and farm life is the quality of life. People living city lives have many more choices they can make regarding various aspects of their day-to-day lives. For example, people living city lives are more likely to find various kinds of foods and this could probably result in overall good health as there is greater diversity in terms of diet. Moreover, those living city lives enjoy opportunities to take a great number of social events since they always have a long list to choose from. As a result of this, they always have an opportunity to get more cultured and therefore more likely to meet other people from other cultural and ethnic groups. Parents have also many options available for their children’s education and can always pick from a long list of both private and public schools, which results in potential for better education. It is also important to note that city life offer their residents the opportunity to choose from a wide range of job options in a number of companies or organizations. On the other hand, people living farm lives do not enjoy same level of choices and in very remote areas one may forced to walk for long distances (Recomparison 1). Another contrast between city and farm life is their surrounding environment. Farm life is often best described as a more peaceful as well as a healthy way of living. For example, farm life offers residents an opportunity to take pleasure in the natural world instead of having to go to places such as parks. Individuals are surrounded by the gifts of nature such as trees, sun, wind, animals, natural cycles etc. Moreover, people living farm lives do not have to s truggle with the every day stresses associated with city life, for instance getting stuck in traffic, coping with high crime rates, and in most cases, having to pay higher taxes. The absence such stressors are known to have a significant effect on the overall quality of life. Alternatively, city life is often portrayed as fast-paced, modern, polluted, and full of work pressure as well as financial pressure (Recomparison 1). On the whole, if there is any testimonial to be made regarding the quality of life in the farm, it is that, there is high probability to connect with the people as well as the landscape. However, one similarity between farm life and city life is that both entail a high level of socialization, even though on a cursory level E-how 1). The discrepancy of what an individual wants and needs has also something to do with where they are to be found. Individuals living a farm life identify as well as prioritize their needs much more than their wants. They are therefore familiar with what is essential for them to live a standard of living further different from others and closer to natural cycles that gives priority to things that are of greater im portance. Their wants are simple and they do not cling to the life they cannot afford. On the other hand, with the attractive as well as the competition inducing advertisements they watch on television along with the peer persuasions that urge them to acquire specific items, one cannot avoid feeling pressured to possess the items. City is therefore more complicated as compared to the farm life (E-how 1). Lastly, a contrast between city and farm life can be seen in the types of housing available. In general, city residents have choices of living in apartments, townhouses and condominium. In contrast, those living farm lives often have housing options that includes mobile homes, single family detached homes in addition to the low-rise apartment building.Moreover; housing is more often than not cheaper for those living farm lives due to decreased demand (Herlihy 1). Conclusion As a conclusion, both city and farm lives have their own draw backs which form the basis of their contrasts. Thus, individuals ought to think carefully before making decisions to live in the city or live a farm life since it’s their decisions that bring differences in their lives.