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Security Requirement Analysis Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Security Requirement Analysis - Research Paper Example This telecommunication network should enable the dentists to work within the offices and also from their laptops while at the patients’ home. It should allow only the five dentists and twelve dental assistants to access the medical records of any patient, the daily schedule and to receive or send a patients record even when out of office. The designed network should meet HIPAA requirements by maintaining high degree confidentiality on the patient’s details (Claise and Wolter 2007). In this telecommunication network the patients’ record should be confidential. It should be accessed only by the dentists and the dental assistants. The firm’s database should restrict access on patient’s record by asking for a password first from the users trying to access. Then after authentication the information can be accessed .The authorized users should have a unique password which should be confidential. This network should integrate all the functional requirement s with the needs of human users e.g. dentists, dental assistants, receptions and also patients who wish intend to seek services from this dental firm. The dentists must protect dental health of their patients at all costs by completing all dental procedures in progress within the clinic and even after the prescription. They should remain available for emergencies and it is therefore vital that this telecommunication network allows the dentists and the dental assistant to exercise human resource mobility. In designing a telecommunication network that will meet the needs of the stationary offices and the mobile doctors we need sixteen desk top computers ,five laptops ,ten office phones, five modems, five printers, five scanners, networking cables ,five- eight pin switches ,five routers , fiber optic connection in the city and also the world wide web targeting patients from other areas. The dental x-ray machine should be available in the dental laboratory. Assuming in every New Smile d ental clinic offices we have at least five rooms; reception, dentist’s room, dental assistant’s room (open office system), dental laboratory and the server room. In server room we have the server connected to the router. The router helps to connect the local area interconnection to the city’s fiber optic connection thus the metropolitan area network .One of the clinics can be made the headquarters and the server here is connected via the router to the wide area network wide .All computers and computing resources in a stationary office are connected via cables to the switch in the server room which is connected to the router. At the reception we have one desktop, an office phone, scanner and a printer. The desktop is connected via networking cable to the switch in the server room .The office phone is a mobile phone .The scanner and the printer are also connected to the local area network via cables. The scanner is for changing the hard copy into soft copy especia lly for documents received from other sources other than any of this firm’s clinic. In the dentists’ offices we have the mobile office phone, desktop, a laptop and a modem. When the dentist is in the office he can use the desktop while on mobile services he can use the laptop and via modem access the records online. In his absence from office any other dentist can come and access the records

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