Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Comparison between canadain remand policies and other developed Essay

Comparison between canadain remand policies and other developed countries remand policies - Essay Example This paper is going to discuss the comparison between Canadian remand policies and other developed countries. Trebilcock defined the state of being in remand as a process when an individual is held in custody as they await for their sentensing or trials. Different countries have their policies of handling individuals who break the laws depending on what is considered right or wrong in the particular countries. The reasons for remand in Canada are,ensuring that the accused people do not flee the country,protecting the citizens of the likelihood of criminals reoffending and maintaing the confidence in justice adminstration (Trebilcock,30-34). There are similarities and differences in the remand policies in Canada and other developed countries. In majority of the countries like United States,Canada,Australia among others criminals who are in remand are normally held in court cells,police cells,prisons or psychiatric facilities depending with their levels of crime. The prisoners who have already been sentenced are kept in separate units from those still on remand. Trebilcock stated that the time spent on remand for prisoners in various countries is normally taken off an individual’s total sentensing time. The prisoners are normally assessed carefully by the Courts and given specific offender plans that identify various areas that the individuals can benefit during their prison time where they can learn important skills like managing money,fundamental living skills and parenting skills. The remand prisoners in Canada and other developed countries are helped with their addiction problems and finding ways of employing themselves and getting employed in various organizations. The prisoners in remand in all the countries are similar because they are helped in finding community support and finding accomodation when they return to the society. The prisoners who are considered

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