Saturday, August 24, 2019

Organized Crime Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Organized Crime - Research Paper Example Keywords: organized crime, criminal behavior, business organization, profit Description or definition of organized crime Organized crime could be defined or described in such a way there would be involvement of people in illegal activities that are obviously for monetary gain, which could only be implemented by influencing others to join and intimidating, harming or killing those who get in their way. In other words, there is an inclusion of criminal organization which has the potential to put all possible crimes in order, so as to generate its entire advantage or benefit. What makes these kinds of criminal groups so powerful is due to the fact that they are highly have strong connection with legitimate businesses and political entities (Lyman & Potter, 2007). In other words, they have substantial power that would be enough to mobilize their entire machinery and force even if they would either be operating together or apart. These groups therefore should have adapted a powerful syste m that has the purpose of not destabilizing their entire organizational objectives, but rather obtaining them for them to perpetuate their staying in power. Organized crime can also be potentially defined based on evidences (Lyman & Potter, 2007). However Lyman and Potter point out that these could be subjected to different interpretations. This makes it hard enough to substantially define or describe organized crime without any presence of ambiguity or subjectivity. In fact, American debate existed for a long while whether organized crime really existed. However, there has been a productive way to look at the organized crime in detail. This can be implemented by understanding principles from legitimate business organizations (Mallory, 2007). After all, organized crime is highly concerned with monetary gain so it is not far from normal business organizations on how it exactly operates. What makes it however different from common business organizations is the presence of illegal acti vities and even heinous crimes if it would be necessary just to ensure achievement of its organizational objectives. My perception compared to the readings I perceived that this is how Russian Mafia, Italian Mafia and biker clubs operate. Their activities involved people for illegal actions in order to achieve monetary gain which could only be made possible if there is influential move, intimidation and killing from the part of groups which actually organized the crime. I think my perception based on the ideas presented in the textbooks is a bit more specific which needs to be interpreted from the general point of view of understanding organized crime. However, consistent with how the textbooks defined it, my perception about organized crime involves the idea of business and highly systematic and illegal ways of making profit. In other words, just as how the normal business operates, there is entirely no difference when it comes to how the organized crime functions. However, on how it acquired profitability may be a bit of an issue and this would substantially qualify organized crime as it is. A usual business organization following the law does not need to inflict any criminal means just to ensure achievement of profit. Although this might be too broad in context, as there are also typical organizations deliberately commit crimes such as tax evasions or avoidance, organized crime may be more systematic and should be identified on the nature or context of its

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